Hey you!

You’ve reached my about page, typically where you’d read about my degrees, certifications, and qualifications. I’ll definitely get to that, after I tell you a little more on who I really am.

Fun Facts

My name’s Baraa. I’m in my twenties, married, and living in Dubai, UAE.

Baking and game nights are my jam, we have a cat named Loki that kind of rules our household, and in another life, I’d definitely have been a psychologist or professional dancer (& if you’ve seen me dance, you’d be glad I didn’t pursue it 😂).

💻 Professional Background 

But in this life, I’m a US registered dietician, an ACE certified personal trainer, and certified sports nutritionist. I grew up in Lebanon and Michigan, and graduated from the American University in Beirut.  After getting my degree in nutrition, I pursued my passion for exercise & fitness by earning a certification in personal training and master functional training, so you’re definitely in good hands! 

I’m also a BIG fan of helping others reach the best and healthiest versions of themselves while dealing and overcoming challenges that come up on this path. If you send me a question on Instagram or by email, I either reply back with an answer or direct you to a blog or podcast to give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. 

🎧 B for Better Health

Speaking of podcasts, I started mine in 2018 and it’s called B for Better Health. If you like long walks, or long drives, I think you’ll love having my podcast along for the ride. It’s even great to play when you’re folding laundry, washing the dishes, or ironing. I release episodes that tackle things like “Can I lose weight from my belly?” and how to put an end to sugar cravings, and lots more juicy stuff like that.

How I Can Help

If you’re looking for a program to help you eat better, train smarter, and live healthier, you’ll find the one for you on my page. I want to design programs that match with different people’s needs & wants at different stages in life, and I’m hopeful lives will change for the better after completing them.  

If you want to start your health journey with me, check out the programs I’m offering right here. If you want to stay in touch, the best way is by following me on Instagram to get the most up to date answers on all things health and tips you never knew you needed! & lastly, if you have any questions, like at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].