How To Reach Your Body Goals & Lose Belly Fat

without restricting what you love most


I help busy women lose fat and tone up so they can feel amazing without restricting their eating.  

My 5-step method will help you lean up without gaining size so you can feel strong and feminine at the same time. I want you to find your own-self attractive and have the freedom to be stylish the way you want. 


After this course, you'll be able to: 

  1. Reach your body goals and maintain your results, so you can wear all your trendy clothes without thinking twice
  2. Eat confidently without cringing when you see carbs or restricting the things you love most
  3. Redefine what exercise means to you, so you can say you finally love your “workouts”
  4. Rest every week without feeling guilty that you’re “taking a day off”
  5. Customize a lifestyle around health that feels doable all the time, so you no longer have to choose between family, work and health

What you'll get immediate access to once you're in: 

  1. My 5-Step Body Freedom Method to reach your body goals and maintain them for good
  2. A food and workout guide that works with your lifestyle, so you and your body can finally play on the same team
  3. Fun, downloadable resources that empower you to design your all-in-one health plan 
  4. Access to the Goal Crushers Community. A 24/7 digital community where you’ll connect with Baraa and other members to support you along your journey
  5. A mobile or tablet friendly app for learning on the go, so you don’t have to choose between your life or your health! (Kajabi has an app and a lot of my students use it for the course)

✨ This course is made for you if you're,

  • Struggling to reach their body goals your whole life
  • Feeling demotivated because you keep trying and failing
  • Feeling like you have to choose between your health and your work or family

Own it for a year


A life-changing method where you will: 

  • Learn how to reach your goals while eating your favorite foods
  • Find the love to move your body again
  • Welcome recovery into your life
  • Print resources that empower you to design your holistic plan 
  • Connect with a 24/7 digital community including Baraa & other members
  • Watch 6 video lessons conveniently on an app or computer where Baraa walks you through the steps

What members of the Goal Crusher Community have to say

🎁 Inside How To Reach Your Body Goals course

Buying this course will give you the tools to finally reach your body goals of losing fat, gaining lean muscle, and feeling strong. It helps you navigate through the countless challenges we all face in our health journeys. It gives you an understanding of what you’ve been doing wrong, and shifts your focus on
where you really need to be putting the effort instead

👩‍🏫 Inside The Modules

We kick off this course with Module 1, where I tell you about my personal journey and how after 2 years of research and blood, sweat, and tears, I finally understood the strategy I had to take to make results happen for me. 

Then we get into Understanding Your Why. Trust me, this one has proved to be one of the most successful exercises among all my clients! 

In Module 2, we cover The 3 Steps To Success. You will gain so much clarity on how you can incorporate your favorite foods, do the funnest types of exercise for you and still include rest in your week. 

In Module 3, we talk about how you can tie in all 3 steps. We tackle any barries that might come up for you and remove the overwhelm that might creep in. It's the best part. 



  • A 5-day meal plan with post workout meal ideas targeted for fat loss and achieving lean muscles (Valued at $200!)
  • A 3-week workout program that will help shape your muscles to achieve a toned look without gaining size, available for home or gym (Valued at $100!) 
  • 25 minutes video-based lesson of snack examples from my own kitchen and a guide with 30+ healthy snack recipes

 This course replaces countless consultations with health professionals and research that you would need to do on your own to get the clarity you need. In a lot of ways, this course is a shortcut to your results. 

💌 A Little Note From Me

I created this course because I’ve struggled myself and I was wishing for someone to tell me how to get this done. I also created this course as an answer to the very commonly asked question of how can I lose belly fat, reach my body goals and stay lean. 

Sometimes it feels like you have to put puzzle pieces together and they simply won't add up. You hear from different dietitians and trainers that you should do keto, workout fasted or skip out on carbs and it keeps taking you in circles, leaving your hopeless. I created this course so you don't have to ask those questions anymore.

I give you all the answers you need to start today with the intention of getting you your body freedom.

You owe it to yourself to take this course and put that knowledge to practice in a simple effective way. 

I’m so excited for you to have the power in your hands by knowing exactly what it is you need to be doing. 

See you in the first class! 

Love, Baraa